Conductor! Conductor!
Check your vector
(check and a re-check check)
We’re on a runaway symphony
It’s easy to see
And I do say
Alert the engine-ear
Right hear!
Right now!

Try to cut loose
The caboose
Chasing this train in vain
’cause Conductor, I checked and re-checked our vector
Why chase the train in vain
Off the tracks
No come-backs
This train is runaway
Wouldn’t you say?
On a runaway symphony
Better alert the engine-ear
Ya better stand clear
It’s out-of-control… we’re all… out-of-control
In fact, Conductor,
It’s sounding more and more
Like Rock n’ Roll
… ain’t that classical at all

The End of the line is a mighty fine line
They say you don’t want to cross
This ain’t no coin toss
They say you don’t want to take any chances
’cause there are no seconds
Minutes, days, years
No more tears…
No more joys…
No more noise
No, no more more
No, no train will remain

Style: Alternative Rock / Progressive
Chords: Eb / Db Gb Eb; 136 BPM Slow Rock Casio and 8 Beat Soft Yamaha
Recording: original take / digital 1-track stereo

Vocals, Keyboards

From the album Hear Here
by Daniel Brouse

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