Touch Of God

Can’t wait ’til the fill
Of the chlorophyll
Makes it colorful

Dread the leaves
Turning brown… then, dead
The drab attire of the tree
Starts to get to me

Waiting for the neutral Fall
To turn wonderful
In the Spring
Hatching the amazing

All hail Mother Nature
For she’s sure
To bring green
To our grayscale scene
Hail the Queen!

Touch Of God.mp3

Touch Of God Instrumental.mp3

Style: Alternative Folk Rock
Chords: Esus4 Emadd4 A7 EmaddC / Esus4 E7sus4 Emadd4 Em
Recording: digital 4-track stereo
Vocals, Guitar, Flute

From the 2017 holiday album of music Christmas Creations
by Daniel Brouse

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