Short Change

Some things you just can’t change
Others you can rearrange
An object in motion stays in motion
No matter your personal notion
Time rolls on
Dawn of dawn

One person’s trash is an other’s treasure
One person’s work is an other’s leisure
One person’s passion is an other’s pain
One person’s fashion is an other’s vain

Caterpillar’s ending… butterfly’s beginning
A king’s demanding as pauper’s begging
First to draw the last straw
Frozen winter starts to thaw

Start to begin and the end’s done in
Begin to start… the ends depart
For sure the future will endure
Even as the present passes to past
Time rolls on
Dawn of dawn

Short Change.mp3

Style: Alternative Rock / Folk
Chords: F G C / E Am
Recording: original take / digital 1-track stereo

Vocals, Guitar

From the album At This Time
by Daniel Brouse

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