Cross The Line

Know your toe/tow is over the line?
… for the final time
You’re stepping over the line
Onto the side known as “mine”
Crossing the line
Of black and white
Can’t be right
Not long
From wrong
Please don’t try n’ say
You thought it gray
When the shading ain’t that fine
Crossing the line

Sign on the dotted line
Selling soul for a dime
Step to “the end” of the line
The space you’re in’s known as mine

Between love and hate there is no fine line
That line won’t buy you time
At “the end of times”, reverse the line
On the last supper dine

Style: Alternative Rock / Progressive / Folk
Chords: E G E A G E / A E A B7
Recording: digital 8-track stereo

Vocals, Guitars, Drums, Keyboards

From the album Fill-er-up
by Daniel Brouse

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