Flesh Flight Suit

Hope you brought your goggles
Wind whipped watering eye
As you mind boggles
Wind of vain waters your I
Eventually the wind will die
Exponentially the answer to why
As I/eye observe
Under the curve

Photons traveling at the speed of light
Pass right through the windshield
You’re on to something… ideas bright
Spinning molten core of ore’s magnetic field
(interlude: momentary lapse of magnetic field)

Colliding with stardust
Bust stardust that’s us
Pinprick holes add to our pores
As the starlight pours

Flesh Flight Suit.mp3

A song about Earth as our spaceship and the delicate nature of our atmosphere. The atmosphere protects humans in many ways, including stopping billions of little meteors from passing through our bodies. Remember to appreciate friction, too… not only does it burn up all those meteors, it also stops us from dying every time it rains.

Style: Alternative Rock / Folk
Chords: A C7 / Em C / C Bb A
Recording: original take / digital 1-track stereo
Vocals, Guitar

From the album Fill-er-up
by Daniel Brouse

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