It Is

Why do you think it is…
Is turns to was?
What’s all the fuss
What’s all the buzz
’cause I’m telling ya…
It always does

When do you think will…
Will stand still?
Hoping it’s long until
We lose that thrill
’cause I’m asking ya…
Have you had your fill?

Now find out how…
How is right now
Maybe time will allow
Us to love the “wow!”
’cause she’s telling us
Seize the here and now
Turning sword into plough
Sowing seeds that endow

It Is (music video).mp4

It Is.mp3

Style: Alternative Rock / Progressive / Folk
Chords: E7sus4 E / G A E
Recording: digital 6-track stereo

Vocals, Guitar, Percussion, Keyboards

From the album The Present
by Daniel Brouse

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