Zombie Slayer

Better say a prayer
For the zombie slayer
Say nay
To the nay nayer
Deads a player
No way?

Call out the zombie slayer
Fall out from the Reaper
When he’s grim
Chance is slim
Ain’t no doubt
We’ll find out

Better say a prayer
For the zombie slayer

At the end of time
Hope his team is mine
For those who rise-up
To everlasting contempt
Will try to temp
My soul
Their everlasting goal
Rather shine on bright
So, I’ll put up a fight
Put on the weapon
Of the zombie slayer
The sword of prayer
The word The Lord

We’re almost there
Better say a prayer
Heard the word?
Oh, my Lord
Break out the sword
Oh, my Lord!

This is one of my favorite new songs. It is a complement to Angels And Zombies. When the time comes, will the angels battle the zombies?

The End Of Times
Daniel 12:1
At that (this) time, the mighty angelic prince who stands guard over your (our) nation, will stand up and fight for you in heaven against satanic forces.

It is an extemporaneous lo-fi work-in-progress demo. The instrumental tracks were recorded using an XBox and Guitar Hero World Tour Recording Studio. It had to be recorded on-the-fly so that the guitar controller’s full effect and tremolo bar could be captured. The vocals were done impromptu as a stereo multi-track.

Zombie Slayer (MP3)

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