Verge Of Violence

You! Yes, you.
You’re on the verge of…
[And, I’m realizing
Your victimizing
Puts all on the verge…
We’re on the fringe of violence

Looks like I’ll have to pass you by (sigh!)

Sirens screaming
Distraction leaning
Toward anarchy
A cryin’ shame
We’re to blame
For not takin’ care of our own
Opportunity blown
We crush the lush
Then, try n’ hush
The harm…
Reason for alarm

On The Virge Of Violence (.MP3 Free Music Download or Stream)

Written and recorded in April 2012
The original idea came from feeling hatred from another as I watched them pass by in West Chester, PA. The more intelligent part was inspired from feeling love on the streets of Ambler, PA. The one line about taking care of our own is a protest to a Bruce Springsteen… because, we ain’t done a very good job of taking care of humans, have we?

E / Am less C
E / A / D

by Daniel Brouse

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