DubC Stupidity

Writing the Song in West Chester

Writing the Song in West Chester


The High Roller
Hits the wrong Note
Likes to holler
Roll in conceit and gloat

Think ya rule…
Rule the world
Think you’re cool
But, that gets old

Why don’t ya try
To lighten up
Say good-bye
To acting tough

Cuz ya ain’t that big
And, ya ain’t that bold
Maybe you should try
Acting small
After all,
That;s what you are
So, you won’t need to stretch that far
Give up the ignorance
Give up the grimace


Lyrics to the Song DubC Stupidity West Chester, PA .mp4



D / G
A / G / D

Written and recorded on May 24, 2012 in West Chester, Pennsylvania. It’s a song about the neighborhood bully.

by Daniel Brouse

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