Please Do NOT Be Dumb with Freedom

Please Do NOT Be Dumb with Freedom.mp3
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Why do you want to take away my rights
I swear it’s not right
Take away my freedom
Are you dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb?

When you talk about talking about
Talk, talk, talk, talk
About taking away my rights
Why don’t you take away your First, first
You don’t deserve freedom of speech
In fact, it’s a breach
Of humanity
You can blame the insanity
On society
But, that doesn’t make sense
To take away my rights
My freedom
Are you dumb, dumb, da da de dumb, dumb?

Leave my freedom alone
Don’t tread on me
Oh, can’t you see
This is the home
The home of the free and the brave
So, please save
Our freedom

Please don’t be dumb with our freedom
Why would you want to give mine away
Come on
All you talk and say about my rights
Just ain’t right
Don’t take my freedom away
Not today
Not any day

Are you dumb, da da de, dumb, dumb

Home come
You want to mess with freedom
When you take freedom away
That’s not O.K.

Why would you want to take away freedom
Are you dumb, da da de de da dumb?

Please, “Save our freedom! Don’t be dumb!”
Narley Marley reggae version: The Freedom Song.mp3

Chords — Em Am Em D Em

Written and recorded on December 14, 2012 in Chester County, PA. It was inspired by people talking about taking away my Second Amendment Rights after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings.

Daniel — Vocals, Keyboards

From The Beatless Sense Mongers album An I for I, a Brain for a Brain
By Daniel Brouse

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Save our freedom! Don’t be dumb!

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