Gonna move along
Without any trace or track
If I don’t leave a track
Can’t backtrack
Gotta move ahead
No sense rehashing everything we said

Gonna roll down the road
Gonna roll this old soul

This rolling stone will gather no moss
Not gonna leave destiny to the ole coin toss

Gotta take charge of your destiny
I mean, after all… it’s all about *me*… my destiny
Gotta set yourself free
Break out of those chains
Cut the losses for gains

Heading down the tracks
Leaving no tracks
No backtracks
Moving ahead
No rehash of what’s been said
Gonna move along
To a traveling song

The blowing wind
Of the fiercest storm
Well, be forewarned
I’m coming at you like a freight train
Heading at ya
There’s no backtrack


Chords — F# F#m7(11) F#m A#M7aug F#sus4 (guitar Capo 2)

An extemporaneous 1-track stereo recording made in West Chester, Chester County, Pennsylvania, United States of America.

Daniel — Vocals, Electric Guitar, Korg, Yamaha and Casio Keyboards (all instruments played simultaneously.)

From the Industrial Noize Pollution HEAVY On Music Experimental album of music The Weight Is Over
By Daniel Brouse

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