Centaur.mp3 (free download)

Look deep inside
Have I the courage to ride?

Envision a creature
Half woman… half horse
A significant feature —
Majestic wings
To take flight… of course
The prophecy She brings

Centaur: God sent her

Heard the wings huge whirr
So fast as to blur
Descending from heaven
Calming the heathen

Put an end to war,

Envision a creature
(Heaven sent, for sure)
Intelligent brain
Glowing mane
No chance to tame
Sent from the Main

Look deep inside…
I have the courage to ride!

Chords — Db Cb Gb (guitar tuned 1/2 step down to all flats)

An extemporaneous 1-track stereo recording made in West Chester, Chester County, Pennsylvania, United States of America.

Daniel — Vocals, Electric Guitar, Korg, Yamaha and Casio Keyboards (all instruments played simultaneously.)

From the Industrial Noize Pollution HEAVY On Music Experimental album of music The Weight Is Over
By Daniel Brouse

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