Bliss And Vigor

If you want to see the vigor in me
Step a little closer and see what you see
If you want to see victory in “we”
Get off your high horse… come down from your tree

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you
And, I really wonder what you’re up to
There use to be a place we could meet
Any more, I’m not sure if there’s a seat

If you want to see the real me
Take a closer look — intimacy
If you want to see the victorious us
Head right on course… get in focus


From the womb to the tomb
Gonna live it the fullest… that I am!
From the bomb to the boom
Gonna let my soul, self, spirit scream

Bliss And Vigor.mp3

Chords — Em A D A Em
Em A
Em slide

Made in the USA (Schuylkill County and Chester County, Pennsylvania, United States of America.)

Daniel — Vocals, Guitar

From the Sir Vent album Now That Is Hot
By Daniel Brouse

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