Pin Drop

Recording Studio

Recording Studio

Pin Drop.mp3

Quite enough to hear a pin drop
Right before your bubbles pop
If it’s so loud you can’t hear yourself think
Do a mind meld and we’ll link
Let it be found…
You’ve become one with the sound

Quite enough to hear a pin drop
Right before ya blow your top
If you lead a horse to water and can’t make ’em drink
Give a smile, a hug… a wink
Let it be found…
You’ve come around

Chords — Dm
notes: D walkdown with Bb and F#
D Bb

Daniel — Vocals, Synthesizers

This song is motivated by the contrast between quite and not quite… like during a snow fall… like “Mandela funeral live: Angry Desmond Tutu scolds FNB stadium”

Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Nobel laureate, “I want to hear a pin drop!”

Written and recorded in West Chester, PA, United States of America.

From the album School Of Fort Knocks
By Daniel Brouse

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