French police warn about scary clowns
Earlier this month in the US, there were several reports of scary clowns in California, Florida …

In France, police say groups are organising online to track down the clowns and they’re taking the matter very seriously. “Anyone, aggressive clowns or clown hunters, found in possession of a weapon in a public place will be arrested and can be held in police custody,” said a police statement. They’ve urged the public to stop spreading rumours online and have issued information on how to send an alert about an aggressive clown.

Aggressive clown or clown hunter
You’re going down
Stumble blunder
Be the brunt of the clown

In France, the latest dance
Werewolves Of London
London Bridge undone
Falling down
The brunt of the clown

London bridge is falling down
My fair lady
That clown looks shady
I ain’t clowin’ around

Coulrophobia Music Video.mp4

Coulrophobia Soundtrack.mp3

Scary Clown Songwriting

Scary Clown Songwriting

Chords — F Fm F#mM7

136 Beats Per Minute / 8 Beat Dance

Written and recorded in West Chester, Chester County, Pennsylvania, USA

Daniel — Vocals, Cymbals, Keyboards and Synths

From the album Generation
by Daniel Brouse

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