There’s an uprising in the street
Bound and determined to be doomed — self-defeat

Throwing a fit just like a hypocrite
Dowsed and lit… rampage for a bit

There’s an uprising in the street
Destined for destruction… utter downbeat

Hypocrite hypster not so discreet
Into submission you can’t beat

There’s an uprising in the street
No accounting an imbalance sheet

Mister hypocritester bringing on the heat
Time to clock out on your time sheet

Baltimore Riots

Baltimore Riots

Uprising Music Video.mp4


Am Em
Am7 Aadd9+f

A song inspired by the hypocrites rioting in Baltimore, MD.  You can not rise up against violence with violence, or you will be a hypocrite.  You will become part of the problem.

Daniel — Vocals, Guitar

From the album First Puddle From the Sun
by Daniel Brouse

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