Clearfield, PA

This is just about as country….
This is just about as country….
This is just about as country as it gets
(never forget, no regrets)

Plenty of fresh air
County fair’s right there
Backwater pleasure
Penn’s hardwood treasure

Clearfield, PA

Clearfield, PA

No four-way stop
Barely a single cop
Do the lights turn red?
Little town… bigger in my head

Blank Minqua squaw
Little in us all
Lanterned caboose

Clearfield, PA Music Video.mp4

Clearfield, PA .mp3

C G G7 C
E Am

Written and recorded in Clearfield, Pennsylvania.

A live 1-track stereo recording made on a park bench in downtown Clearfield.

Chinklacamoose, spelled many ways, was an old Native American village located at what is now Clearfield, Pennsylvania. The village existed from the early 1st century up until around the mid to late 17th century. The village was about halfway along the Great Shamokin Path, which started at the old Indian village of Shamokin (present day Sunbury), along the West Branch of the Susquehanna River west to its ending point at the village of Kittanning.

Chinklacamoose kept its name up until 1804, when it became the first township for Clearfield County. Only three years later, the township began to split up into smaller townships, like Beccaria, Bradford, Lawrence and Pike by 1813, when Chinklacamoose Township no longer existed and the name was lost to history.

Daniel — Vocals, Guitar

From the album Some-her-time
by Daniel Brouse

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