Cupid’s Arrow

Cupid’s Arrow.mp3

I had this crazy notion
To create a concoction — Love Potion

I had this crazy notion
To create a concoction
Love potion

A love potion
Spreadin’ from ocean to ocean

Upon suggestion
Create a concoction
Straight to the heart
Like Cupid’s arrow
And a bow… ya know?
Straight through the heart
A love potion
Can you help the love grow
Spread it from ocean to ocean
Could be the solution
To our situation
The creation
Of a concoction
A love potion

A love potion
Set in motion
Love potion

Solution to our situation
Our hell-bound self-annihilation
We need some new ventilation
It’s hard to breath
I think our hearts will seize
And our brains will freeze

A love potion

If we start to look in our heart
The soul-ution will be the potion
And the potion will spread from ocean to ocean

C D Em

92 BPM / Reggae

An extemporaneous / impromptu song captured live as a 1-track stereo recording.

Daniel — Vocals, Keyboards, Synthesizers, Controller and Computer (Alesis Vortex hooked through USB to a laptop running Korg software and a midi cable hooked to a microKorg; Yamaha PSR-740; Korg N364)

From the album Some-her-time
by Daniel Brouse

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