Foresee The Future

Do you foresee the future in your future?
Are you sure

Do you foresee the future in your future?

Imagine that the present of your future
In the present of your future

Well fancy that
Your future in the present
Kind-of feels like it’s right here
So very near

Imagine that your future in our presence
A present in our present
The essence of existence in our presence

The essence of the present in our presence

Soaking up the days like soaking up the rays

The present of the present

Foresee The Future.mp3


66 –> BPM / EDM

An extemporaneous / impromptu song captured live as a 1-track stereo recording.

Daniel — Vocals, Keyboards, Synthesizers, Controller and Computer (Alesis Vortex hooked through USB to a laptop running Korg software and a midi cable hooked to a microKorg; Yamaha PSR-740; Korg N364)

From the album Some-her-time
by Daniel Brouse

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