Living On Time Lent

In the event of severe weather
The question won’t be “Now?” or whether
Message sent —
“Severe weather event”

It seems our dreams of climate change are coming true
Pray tell, well… what will we do?
Message sent —
“Severe weather event”

The wrath of God you can see in the sea
Ominous clouds forebode what’s to be
Message sent —
“Severe weather event”

Severe weather event
Livin’ on time lent
Severe weather event

Living On Time Lent Music Video.mp4

Living On Time Lent.mp3

Dm C Em Am
E Am

A 1-track live stereo recording. Written and recorded live at Marshall Square Park in West Chester, PA.

A song about Global Warming and severe weather events.

Daniel — Vocals, Guitar

From the album Some-her-time
by Daniel Brouse

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