In this place in space
Graced with a human face

If all I could do is bark like a dog (bark, bark)
Aardvark licking up and all day ’till you pass away
If all I could do is eat like a hog (oink, oink)
A mink… ya think I’ll gloat about being a coat?

All aboard. Praise the Lord
Graced with a face
In the human race

Faced Music Video.mp4


Dm Dm6 Dm7

166 BPM / Guitar Rhumba

An extemporaneous / impromptu song captured live as a 1-track stereo recording.

A song about being blessed with a human incarnation. Or, would you rather be a pig?

Daniel — Vocals, Keyboards, Synthesizers (microKorg; Yamaha PSR-740; Korg N364)

From the album Daily Lessons
by Daniel Brouse

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