The Otherside

It stands to reason
If the other side of the other of Earth is made of earth
Making me wonder… is the other side of living… more like earth or heaven

It stands to reason
Maybe the opposite season
But nevertheless
More or less —
(Heaven on Earth)

It stands to reason
On the other side

On the other side of Earth
What’s it made of… earth?
On the other side

No, not quite ready to ride
If it’s high tide here is it low tide there
I don’t want to arrive at the wrong tide
On the other side
If it’s high tide here is it low tide there
If so, I want to beware
On the other side

The Otherside Music Video.mp4

The Otherside.mp3

Cm C Eb Eaug

90 BPM / Fusion

An extemporaneous / impromptu song captured live as a 1-track stereo recording.

Daniel — Vocals, Keyboards, Synthesizers (microKorg; Yamaha PSR-740; Korg N364), Controller and Computer (Alesis Vortex to laptop running Korg software; also has midi cable to microKorg)

From the album Daily Lessons
by Daniel Brouse

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