Rotational Frame-dragging

Spacertime Curvature

Spacertime Curvature

Take a look at the sun, Son
Any mass you pass
Take a look at the Earth, girl
Watch it twirl

There’s curvature in spacetime for sure
Are you rotating round and round in the orbit you have found?

Rotational frame-drag
In you your spacetime sag
The plight of light slowing down
When opposing the going round and round

Rotational frame-dragging
All due to this spacetime thang

Rotational Frame-dragging Music Video.mp4

Rotational Frame-dragging.mp3

Style: ExperiMental Music
Chords: E / A G
Recording: digital 1-track stereo

Frame-dragging is an effect on spacetime, predicted by Einstein’s general theory of relativity, that is due to non-static stationary distributions of mass–energy. A stationary field is one that is in a steady state, but the masses causing that field may be non-static, rotating for instance.

Rotational frame-dragging (the Lense–Thirring effect) appears in the general principle of relativity and similar theories in the vicinity of rotating massive objects. Under the Lense–Thirring effect, the frame of reference in which a clock ticks the fastest is one which is revolving around the object as viewed by a distant observer. This also means that light traveling in the direction of rotation of the object will move past the massive object faster than light moving against the rotation, as seen by a distant observer.

Daniel — Vocals, Guitar

From the album From Fractals to Classic Rocks
by Daniel Brouse

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