Sky Blue, Too

Say what you need to say
Do what you need to do
And I’ll be there to help pull you through
Me and you

Somehow it’s greener now
The sky blue, too
Together we can help pull us through
We as you

Sing what you need to sing
Bring what you need to bring
And we’ll be able to help play it through
Heart is true

Say what you need to say
Play what you need to play
And we’ll be there to help pull you through
We as you

Sky Blue, Too.mp4

Sky Blue, Too.mp3

Style: Freedom Folk Rock
Chords: E /F# A C / D A E
Recording: 8-track

Vocals, Martin Guitar, Bass, Keyboards

Written at and about the corner of Gay and Church Streets. Recorded in Chester County, West Chester, PA.

The song is about the artist at Gay Church overcoming the adversity and oppression of the local police and government.

From the album Gay Church

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