Dropping bombs
Blowin’ up babies
Filling tombs
With young ladies
We’d like to reconcile-ate
For our rape and our hate
What can we do for you
For our damn nation… damnation
What do you say
How can we repay
You lost your tooth? Truth?
… in disbelief
The truth of tooth for a tooth
Or an I for an I
Did it cost you and arm and a leg
Can we compensate you with a peg?
What is the cost of your loss?
What is the cost of your lost?


Style: Progressive Protest Rock
Chords: Em / Em walkdown / Dm Em
Recording: digital 10-track stereo
Vocals, Guitar, Organ,

This is about Donald Trump’s ban on Muslim’s. Legal residents of the USA are not allowed to renter the country if they are from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen. In how many of these countries has the United States try to inflict regime change and invoke civil wars? The U.S. should take in 100% of refugees from countries whose governments we have overthrown.

Band together and join THE RESISTANCE

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