All American Dreamer

They call me a dreamer
It’s the best I can do
They call me a dreamer
Nuttin’ better to do
They call me the dreamer
With the follow-through
Look out, mama, I’m coming for you

American dreamer
In this day and age?
American dreamer
Future history page
American dreamer
Unlock your cage
Lookout, mama on the rampage

Come be a dreamer
For the best, if you do
Come be a dreamer
Nuttin’ better to do
Come be a dreamer
Grey sky turned blue
Come on, mama, we’ll make it come true
Come on, mama
You know you want to

All American Dreamer.mp4

All American Dreamer.mp3

Style: Protest Folk Rock
Recording: live digital 1-track stereo
Vocals, Guitar

Written and recorded in downtown West Chester, Pennsylvania.

Band together and join THE RESISTANCE

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