Out Of Space

Out Of Space Instrumental.mp3

My God, out there… there’s a lot of space
How do you keep any of it from going to waste
My God, how do you keep track
My God, step back!
When there is no trace
My God, we better make haste
How do you keep it in
So our space doesn’t become outer
I know I should “no” better
But I don’t know where to begin

I’m starting to doubt the existence of this “space”
I’ve asked the whole human race
And, no one can show me any of this space
It has no smell, touch nor taste
Yet we can’t let space go to waste?
Is that right? There’s none in sight
No sound is found
Just look around
Under what basis
Is this space “is”

Out Of Space.mp3

Style: ExperiMental Music
Chords: Em Cm BM7aug
Rhythm: 83 PBM
Recording: digital stereo

Vocals, Keyboards and Synthesizers

From the album Exoskeleton
by Daniel Brouse

4D Experience Experiments

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