I Have The Feeling

I Have That Feeling.mp3

Why do I have the feeling
That we’ve been here before
Wow! It’s so revealing
Seeing what we’ve in store
A sneaky suspicion
That I’ll come to adore
Love a premonition
Hope to have some more

When you were young you would play
You would play throughout the day
Yearning for earning the learning…
All the way

[Wait! Hang on a minute. Wait for me!]

Hone the intuition
For the miracle of vision
Listen to the gut
No if, and or but
Leaving from the station
Better get on-board
A progressive situation
Thank you! Thank you, oh Lord

A song about the secret to the fountain of youth — youth. When you are young, you learn through playing. When you are young, you have amazing powers of intuition. Keep playing.

Style: Folk Rock
Chords: E A G / E A B7
Recording: digital stereo

Vocals, Guitar, Organ

From the album Exoskeleton
by Daniel Brouse

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