The Closer To Too Late

You can choose your own rate
Commander of your own fate
The longer that you wait
The closer to too late
Opened starting gate
Focused staying straight
Trying to participate
Before the expiration date
All the world’s a dance floor
Always room for one more
Come on, jump up, jump in
Take a shot at swingin’

All the world’s a stage
No matter what your age
You can join with the band
Makin’ music hand-in-hand

Heartbeat by heartbeat
Beat-by-beat by beat-by-beat

The Closer To Too Late.mp3

Style: Folk Rock
Chords: Capo 1 (Bb) A D G A / G D A / Ab A
Recording: digital stereo

Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard

From the album Exoskeleton
by Daniel Brouse

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