A C   A            C   A
A gremlin from the Kremlin
Em             A
Wormed his way in
C A    C   A     C   A
Lyin', Cheatin', stealin'
Em               A
Any which way he can
Can? Con? Can con
King Kong
Right's wrong

D                      C
Who does he think he's foolin'
Em                A
With that foolish grin
D               C
Maybe it's good thinkin'
      Em                    A
If we go ahead and wall him in

The conman like King Kong
Swinging from a New York tower
Danglin', cryin', squeezin'
Tryin' to take away Her power
Flim... flam... flimflam
King Kong
Right's wrong

City slicker / rural grifter
Pennsylvania Avenue rotten few
Sighin', denyin', dyin'
Replyin' "Whatever you say, I'll do!"
Flip flop... flipflop


Style: Protest Folk Rock
Recording: digital 1-track stereo
Vocals, Guitar

Band together and join THE RESISTANCE

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