The Dead (But Not Gone) Song

Will I recognize you
After we breakthrough
When we reside on the other side
Will we begin again
Starting already knowing
Wondering when the outside we’re in
May the blackness of the heavens
Turn to pure white light
Soul is soaked in safe havens
All is justified just right

Dead but not gone
Playing a long song
Through the light of the night… an eternal dawn
In the light incites
Your light is in my sites
I know I’ll recognize your glow
In the light insights
Your light is in my sights
I know I’ll recognize your glow

The Dead (But Not Gone) Song.mp3

Style: Folk Rock
Chords: A9 AM7 E / C D E
Recording: 1-track digital stereo

Vocals, Guitar

The Dead But Not Gone Song (Alt. Version).mp3

From the album Exoskeleton
by Daniel Brouse

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