Strike Up The Band

When the band starts playing
Hoping and praying
They play our song
Then the band came on
Sang our song
Yeah, the band played on and on
The best damn show I’ve ever seen
He played guitar that was lean and mean
It made the girls swing their hips
Twirl around and do deep dips
When the band left the stage
The crowd would engage
Yelling “one more song”
Then it wouldn’t be so long
‘for they came back on
Yeah, the band played on and on

Stirke Up The Band.mp3

Style: Folk Rock
Chords: Capo 3 G E / A D G E / A E A B7
Recording: live 1-track stereo

Vocals, Guitar

Written at the corner of Gay and Church Streets in Chester County, West Chester, PA. Recorded at Marshall Square Park.

From the album Gay Church

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