Leavin’ Grievin’ Starvin’

Can I start workin’ it a bit
While I think on it
Fore sure, I’d love to know the big picture
… if I start, I can always quit

If I wait to hesitate
Lost time can’t regurgitate
Repeat: to time defeat

In “The End” ride off into the sunset
’til then, I’ve started to begin
My friend, forget about regret
As long as the time that’s mine is livin’

I leave grievin’ starvin’
And keep on believin’ in lovin’

Leavin’ Grievin’ Starvin’ (Music Video).mp4

Leavin’ Grievin’ Starvin’.mp3

Style: Alternative Rock
Chords: A C E G A / G A C E A
Recording: original take / live digital 1-track stereo
Recorded live at Lake Wynonah in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania

Vocals, Guitar

From the album A Collection Of Notes
by Daniel Brouse

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