Whistling In The Wind (Follow Your Dreams)

Where to begin when you’re whistling in the wind
You’ll find there’s no bind
When no one comes to mind

If a tree falls in the forest, and no one is near to hear
If no one is around… did it really make a sound?

Can’t see the trees through the forest?
Then, perhaps it’s best
To find your kind mind
And, disregard the rest

Whistling In The Wind.mp3


If you describe someone as whistling in the wind, you mean that they are trying unsuccessfully to change something which cannot be changed.

A song about following your dreams. If you dream of making music, let it be heard. If no one hears it, is it really music? Don’t worry what other people might think or say. “Do or do not. There is no try.” — Yoda

Style: Alternative Rock
Chords: A C / C Bb B A / G F# F A / C A
Recording: original take / digital 1-track stereo

Vocals, Guitar, Whistling

From the album A Collection Of Notes
by Daniel Brouse

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