The Lift

All that runnin’ round
Gonna let it get you down?
Pouting lips resound
Perpetuating frown
Turn around

Take it from an old man
Better smile while you can
Sooner of later our days will end
It’s all a matter of what we do ’til then

Don’t let runnin’ round get you down
Give your mouth’s corners a lift
Turning the frown upside down
As you give you receive the gift
Giving corners the lift

The Lift.mp3

The Lift Instrumental.mp3

Inspired by the kids walking by while I was writing. Then, a lady jumped out of her car to run over and thank me with the gift of money and a smile.

Style: Alternative Rock / Folk
Chords: Capo 1 Am Dm / C Am
Recording: digital 6-track stereo

Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica, Whistling

From the album Adhoc
by Daniel Brouse

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