Day Of The Daydreamer

Back in the day
Of the daydreamer
Imagine what can
(whatcha can whatcha can)
Imagine while you can
Imagine again
Imagine and then
Imagine it into certain
They say
Back in the day
Atmosphere was so much clearer
For the daydreamer
Back in the day
They say
Easier to get through
Easier to come through
Holds true
For me… how ’bout you?

Day Of The Daydreamer.mp3

Style: Alternative Rock / Progressive
Chords: Dm / F C Dm / Dm D / C D; 120 BPM 60’s Rock & 16 Best #5
Recording: original take / digital 1-track stereo

Vocals, Keyboards

From the album Hear Here
by Daniel Brouse

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