All You Can Eat (Sitting In with the Band)

I’m feeling “Hi!”
If you’re feeling low
I know just the place to go
Stop right on by
Feeling “Hi!”
Understand sitting in with the band
Come and join-in in the play
You’re bound to find a whole “knew” way

You can be what you want to be
I’m telling you dreams come true
Believe me, Lordie!

All You Can Eat.mp3

Style: Alternative Country / Folk
Recording: digital stereo

Ricky — Bass
Stu-ie — Guitar
Tommy — Guitar
Tomcat — Banjo
Danny — Multi-instrumentalist
Jimmy — Applause and Musings

From the album Reinhart O’connor Wagner Eck Brouse & Brouse
by Reinhart, O’connor, Wagner, Eck, Brouse & Brouse

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