(Keeping ) The Good Time

Featuring the The Jim Brouse Live Studio Audience.mp3

Once in a while
Something comes in my own style
Out of thin air
Instant aware
With a flare of its own
Giving the dog a bone
I’m finding the good time
Jaw dropping stare
… keeping the good time
Awe to dare
… keeping the good time

2) Since it’s in style
Play with it a while
Since I’m aware
Going to share a while

3) Don’t turn that dial!
Listen for a while
Over the air
Instant aware

Style: ExperiMental Rock
Chords: F# A / F# B F# / E B F# / A B F#
Recording: digital 9-track stereo
Instrumentation: Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Drums

From the album Premortem

Written between the corners of Market, High, Gay and Church Streets in Chester County, West Chester, Pennsylvania — Gay Church

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